Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

Bambi Love

Hi my dear readers,

back in December, I got a little obsessed with anything deer/fawn themed. This probably started with the purchase of the Innocent World Bambi dress. So since I was still allowed to shop last year, I collected some more Bambi items. The great thing about online shopping is how you can trick yourself into giving gifts to yourself; since orders normally take some time to be delivered (especially when ordering from overseas), it's everytime like Christmas and birthday combined when something arrives (^.^)

So here's the fawn shopping haul:

Emily Temple Cute Bambi dress
I got it second hand from closetchild. It's super cute, isn't it? It's actually one of the few dresses from this brand I actually like. While the cuts are really versatile and flattering, I don't like most of the prints they design. However, I think this one is beautiful!

Knitted fawn hat
I found this on the etsy shop Kayi La Fashion. They make really pretty hats, I fell in love with this one the minute I saw it, I especially like the ears. It's made of soft wool and therefore very comfortable to wear.

Fawn fur collar
I purchased this adorable collar on Bathinas etsy shop Cute Lou Couture. Her creations are amazing, you should definitively check out her shop if you don't know it yet!

Plastic pink fawn rings
I bought the cabocchons (also on etsy) and glued them onto plain rings. Cute, right?

Fawn necklace & ring and anchor ring
Found them here. The anchor ring is a little off topic, but I wanted to show it to you anyways. The jewellery is nicely made, delicate and discreet. I'm looking forward to wear them.

Deer necklaces
You probably saw the golden one before, I purchased it quite a while ago from sheinside. The black one I found on closetchild, it's slightly smaller but otherwise exactly the same.

So, that's it for now. I hope I didn't shock you too much with my obsession (^.-)


  1. Les deux derniers pendentifs sont absolument incroyables ! Reste plus qu'à te faire des yeux de biches ;)

  2. der hut und der kragen sind richtig niedlich.

  3. Thank you for the positiv review of Cute Lou Couture! I love it when my customers are happy!