Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Dirndl for Smartphone

Hi dolls,

I don't own a smartphone, my mobile phone has keys and is not internet-ready. But my mom has a smartphone, so I sewed her a phone cover as a Christmas present.

As I mentioned before, my mom and I both like Dirndls, the traditional costumes from Austria and Bavaria. So I had the idea to make a Dirndl-stlye phone case.

It even has a phone-eject-thingy, like the real ones you can buy at stores! (^.^)

I really like the tiny buttons, I think they match the rustic look well.


  1. That is awesome! I find dirndls a little ugly but actually, this is quite cool. And my Austrian friend has one that looks a bit similar to this haha

    1. Thank you! There are quite a lot of different Dirndls and I actually prefer the more traditional ones than the cheap, carnival-looking ^^