Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014


Hi dolls,

as fulfilling, amazing, inspirational it can be to be part of the Lolita subculture, there are also some negative sides. One of them is the common use of harsh terms which can be very offending and rude.
Ita for a Lolita (often a beginner) who doesn't dress according to the proper rules.
Fatty-chan for a plus-sized girl.
Brandwhore for someone who adores brand dresses and prefers them over handmade or offbrand garment.

Quite a shame, these words, and I prefer to exclude them from my active vocabulary.

Sewing your own clothes has several benefits, you have a unique outfit, you can tailor the clothes according to your body type and taste, and also it's often less expensive than japanese brand clothes.
As much as I love sewing my own clothes, however, I also like to drool over brand pieces and regularly update my wishlist (I mean, hey, who doesn't, right?). So last year, I ceased only dreaming of the dresses, but also started collecting them (starting with APs Sugary Carnival, maybe you remember?).
The benefits of having a job. Turned out working isn't that bad after all. (^.^)

So here's the brand shopping haul of the dresses from my wishlist which actually are hanging in my closet right now:

Innocent World Bambi jsk in pink

Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy jsk in mint

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolita jsk in pink

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Snow White jsk in black

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Red Riding Hood jsk in pink

I love each one of these dresses, the prints and details are breathtaking, they're even more beautiful in real life than on the pictures.


  1. Oh, my… *.* Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es einen Red Riding Hood JSK gibt! Ich LIEBE Rotkäppchen! Der steht dir bestimmt klasse, du musst ihn unbedingt mal anziehen, wenn ich dich sehe, damit ich ihn bewundern kann! Ansonsten gefällt mir auch der Bambi JSK sehr gerne, obwohl ich nicht so auf rosa stehe. ;)

  2. I love forest prints ♥ The dresses are sooo lovely, but the best is IW for me. :)

  3. I love the Chocolate Baby dress... it's so cute!