Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

Fawn Headdress

Hi cuties,

brace yourself, because the fawn obsession goes on!
I wanted to make a matching headdress for my IW Bambi dress. Now, lately, you could see a lot of deer headdresses with antlers. I really like these, but I wanted to do something different. After all, Lolita fashion gives you the freedom to put (almost) whatever you want on your head, so I thought there must be another possibility to pick up the deer theme.

So I looked around on etsy for inspiration and then stumbled upon this adorable vintage bambi figurine. It's made of plastic and probably from the 50s or 60s (not sure about that, though). I sprayed it with clear varnish to protect it and gathered some broad white lace and beige felt fabric:

The figurine is super cute, right? I'm also very in love with the lace, I totally forgot I had it until I cleaned out my lace collection. It's so delicate!

I'm also very fond of the combination of different shades of white. It's not seen very often, unfortunately. I believe it was more popular in the earlier days of Lolita to wear different whites together.

In order to actually wear it on my head, I sewed a strap on the back of the headdress and covered a plain alice band with the felt, so I can slip it through the strap to put it on, and remove it to store it easier when I'm not wearing it.