Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Dark Shadows

Hi my dears,

while updating my wardrobe, I also took care of this skirt:

I made it pretty much exactly 2 years ago. The bat embroidery in the front is handmade, and as I'm not very skilled in embroidery, I was quite happy with how it turned out. I also liked the black-on-black design, accompanied by the also black lace overlay.
However, it had also several flaws, like the waistband which didn't fit me anymore and the cotton I used for the skirt itself which crumpled horribly. I was never able to completely iron out the kinks.
Because of these drawbacks, I haven't worn this skirt for a long time (>.<)

So I bought nice black wrinkle-free viscose fabric and made a makeover. I wanted to keep the embroidery and the lace overskirt, and also added a lot of ruffles (^.^)

I'm very fond of these cameo-stlye appliques, and I thought it would match the bat embroidery quite well.
I think from now on I'll wear the skirt more often again!

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