Montag, 17. März 2014

Home Is Where My Sewing Machine Is

Hi dolls,

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend?
I certainly did, I moved my sewing stuff to my new home, yay! (^.^)

ready to go

So of course, I had to sew something right away (*.*). This time not for the shop, but for me. Or so was the intention.
I had a piece of beautifully rose-patterned fabric left over, which would be just enough for a dress. I've been inspired by Classic Lolita Onepieces a lot lately, so I wanted to head for something like that. Hovewer, I somehow underestimated the effect of the fabric. I'm not completely sure if I like the outcome:

Collar, cuffs and ruffles at the hem are made of white cotton, completed with a row of large rose buttons at the front. Additionally, I put an invisible zipper in the side.

the dress fits me better than the dummy

I made shirring in the back, too. It's the first time I do that with a onepiece dress, but it turned out surprisingly well.

What do you think?
I'm really not sure if I want to keep it this way, or change something...


  1. Your dress looks very beautiful though I quite agree is a little off. The fabric seems too think for gathering like you did. Maybe you can try box pleats instead? That is, if you have enough fabric to do it properly. Otherwise, it is so gorgeous. I love the buttons and the ruffles around the collar and cuffs are perfect! The fabric is very beautiful with the roses and yellow background. I also actually like the shirring in the back too. Very nice dress, I would love to see it worn!


    Lady Lavender's Expressions

  2. A beautiful dress, but the fabric is really...hard to work with. As a whole dress it seems to be a little much without any accessory. Maybe you can break this strong pattern with wearing a white cardigan or scarf? A moment I thought of an apron, but that would be too much costume like. On the other hand I really like the symmetry in the front, would be a shame to cover this part.
    And as Lady Lavender said, I would change the shirring, too. I don't think you fabric is too thick, but I would add some more rows, I personally don't like it when the shirred rows are arranged with so large distances between. And I would remove the upmost row, it pulls the sleeves in an odd way an I don't think you need it up there.
    But it is a lovely dress. Maybe you only have to style it right to fall in love with it :-)
    love, ette