Samstag, 1. März 2014

Minty Pleasures

Hi my dears,

I must sadly report that I bought something, again (>.<).
I was knitting another set of hat and gloves, this time in mint, when I saw that adorable cardigan. It's in mint too, super soft, waist length (which makes it perfect to wear with my Lolita dresses and skirts) and on sale. How could I have resisted?
After I was quite obsessed with lavender in the past, with spring coming I switched to mint. In the meantime, I finished knitting, so here's the whole set:

The cardigan is a little more green than the wool I used for knitting.
Since it's quite warm here already, I probably won't use the gloves until next fall, but I liked the pattern so much I wanted to try it. It's the Very Cably Mittens pattern from ravelry. They turned out not too bad, however, the pattern makes them quite short. That's not a problem for me, I have rather small hands. Hovever, if you plan to make them too, maybe see if you need to make them longer.

For the hat, I used the Rose Trellis Beret pattern, also from ravelry. Mine is a lot more knobbly than the original, probably because I used different wool than proposed. It's the same I took for the lavender set, Madeleine from Buttinette in mint.

The pattern is very delicate and detailled. There are even leaves in the pattern included! I learned some new stitches, and also how to crochet roses. I made two different types, the one in the middle is slightly bigger than the surrounding roses.

I'm looking forward to wear my new things (^.^)


  1. Oh wow, that cap is gorgeous, the pattern looks so complicated and sumptuous, damn beautiful, if I may say so. And last year we had snow until the very end of march, so there is still a chance to wear your mittens and the cap.

  2. I love love love the beret <3
    Looking forward to seeing an outfit with it!