Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014


Hi my dears,

for quite some time, I had this beautiful map-printed fabric lying around. I always knew I wanted to use it on a Pirate Lolita dress, but it took some time until I had the pattern figured out. In the end I went for a Marie-Antoinette-inspired, slightly over the top onepiece:

I used lots of different materials, beside the mentioned map-print farbic also ivory cotton, chiffon, tulle lace, golden trim and tassel trims.

The skirt consists of an underskirt and two overskirts, one of which is gathered in two places. I made the gathered part by sewing tunnels on the inner side of the skirt, through which two ribbons run. The ribbons can be tied on various heights, so the gathering of the overskirt is adjustable.

The sleeves end just above the elbow. I love these princesse-styled kind of sleeves that end in a huge volant with tons of laces, but I was running out of lace and fabric, so they're not as elaborate as I intended (-.-)

To embrace the whole Pirate-theme (and because I'm a hat-lover), I made a matching tricorne. Since I'm not super gifted when it comes to hatmaking, I figured I'd just put as much stuff as possible on it, so no one can tell the hat itself is not very well made. At least, it fits (^.^)

And if you made it through here, as a little treat (or punishment? Not sure about that xD), me fooling around with my new hat. ARRR!