Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

Custom Work

Hi dolls,

I'm currently working on some new designs for my shop, and university keeps me quite busy too, so there's nothing exciting I could show you... however, I did some custom work, so I'd like to share these with you. 

Black bonnet with blue and black roses, to match the Funeral Procession of Rose print by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Black chiffon bonnet, adorned with two detatchable bows, linked by a pearl string and a golden star pendant, and a larger bow on the back, also detatchable.


Brown bonnet with ruffles and a lace trim

A longer dress, made with coffee-themed fabric and cotton lace.

A more summer-ish dress, made of beautiful light-weight fabric with a brown flower print.

By the way, if you're interested to see the custom work I do besides the dresses for the shop, you can follow Medusa Couture on Facebook or Tumblr! (also, that would make me very happy, too (^.-) )

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