Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

It's Not Wednesday

Hello cuties,

I've survived all my exams and therefore my semester break has officially begun! Yay! (^.^)

Last Halloween, I was invited to a Halloween party, so of course I needed a costume (because Lolita is NOT a costume! I guess you all know that but you can't say it enough...). I didn't have much time for anything elaborate, plus I wanted to make something I could wear "normally" too. So I made a Peter Pan collared dress and went as Wednesday Addams.

I'm writing about this now because the dress was sewn quite hastily the day before the party, and afterwards I had to alter and re-sew some things in order to make it presentable.
Which I didn't until recently.

The dress is made of soft cotton jersey, which makes it super comfy to wear. It's closed with a button in the neck (which I forgot to photograph, sorry!) and is otherwise quite loose-fitting, therefore I put it on the dummy with a waist belt.

So yesterday I put it on for the first time, and I really love it! Probably my new favourite non-lolita piece (*_*)

Hat: H&M
Earrings & dress: handmade by me
Hairbows: Claire's
Boots: Yumentenbo

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