Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Positivity 2015

Hi dolls,

for this year, I only have one resolution, but it's quite a big one (for me, anyways) that'll need a lot of work. I decided that I need more positivity in my life, something I keep struggling with every now and then. Positivity in general, but very specificly also body positivity.

I've not been happy with my body for a long time. Of course, there are things I can do to improve my appearance, like eating healthy and working out regularly, which I took up again. 

But there's also a lot that I need to accept, because hating your body will defenitively not make you happy on the long shot. I'm sad to admitt that loving myself still gives me a hard time and also keeps me from doing a lot of things that would life make more worth living. For example, not wearing a certain garment, because the fashion industry tells me I need to lose like 20 kg first to "look good/acceptable" in said garment. But I'm really tired of being manipulated by some old male CEO of some fashion or beatuy related enterprise. So long story short, I decided not to give any fucks about what my scale or some "fashion magazine" tells me and just put on that adorable outfit I have in mind.

I did this yesterday, when I put on these boots for the first time:

They're absolutely gorgeous laced-up overknee boots and I've always thought I couldn't possibly wear them because my legs are too fat. But once I've put them on, I was surprised to see how they actually optically elongate my calves rather than make them look even fatter, and the best part of all, wearing these boots really pushed my self-condifdence. It's been quite some time since I've been as pleased with my apperance (^.^)

Hat: KayiLaFashion on etsy
Jsk: Emily Temple Cute
Boots: Ebay
Also, I reall liked my hair (*.*) I usually pin it up or braid it so I haven't noticed how long it has grown!

happy selfie! ^^


  1. Love the boots!
    And you can totally wear them, I'm jealous :)

  2. Normally I don't like long boots but those are really amazing. The more you ignore people, the more fun you have and the better you feel about yourself

  3. Die Stiefel sind einfach absolut toll! Ich mochte ja sowieso das ganze Outfit ^.^ Und ich habe dir ja schon gesagt, dass ich den Vorsatz absolut gut finde und, dass du dir eigentlich gar nicht solche Sorgen über dein Äusseres zu machen brauchst, weil man sowieso sieht, dass du dir immer absolut viel Mühe gibst. Du bist immer gepflegt und stellst die kreativsten Outfits zusammen, die dann auch immer gut zu dir passen! Wir Frauen lassen uns wirklich immer noch viel zu viel vorschreiben. Ich habe auch immer meine Mühen mit gewissen Kleidungsstücken und ziehe sie nicht an, weil ich glaube schrecklich darin auszusehen, weil ich nicht Grösse XS trage. Ich denke, dass ich mich deinem Vorsatz für dieses Jahr auch anschliesse. :)

  4. Aww die Stiefel, und eigentlich das ganze Outfit sind wirklich toll ^.^