Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Book Challenge March

Hi cuties,

I'm a bit late with the update on the reading challenge for the month of March, but never late than never, right?

Uni got serious in March, so I didn't really got to read a lot of books (-.-)

Mark Ryden - Pinxit (English/French/German, 360p.)

As it's an art book, it can't really be counted as "reading". Despite that, it offers a beautiful overview of Mark Ryden's main works until now, and every collection is accompanied by an essay from a friend of Ryden, so there's still something to read. It offers a little insight into the work and life of this amazing artist, and I especially enjoyed the detail shots of his art; so much detail, it's breathtaking. I find his art extremely inspiring and I'd love to let it print on fabric and make dresses out of it! (^.^)

Neil Gaiman - The Sleeper and the Spindle (Illustrated by Chris Ridell, English, 66p.)

What happens, if Snow White sets off to rescue Sleeping Beauty, accompanied by three dwarfs and pursuited by sleeping zombies? The answer was quite surprising for me, and while I liked the plot twist, I'm not sure if I agree with the ending... of course it's important to be true to yourself and to follow your dreams, but you should still take your responsibilities seriously, no? Well, my opinion might be unpopular, and you'll have to read it yourself to decide (^.-). It's definitively worth reading, Neil Gaimans writing never ceases to  fascinate me!

Aristoteles - Poetik (Greek/German, 181p.)

- A book more than 100 years old

Although this edition was published by reclam just recently, the book itself was definitively written more than 100 years ago, so I'll just count that point (^.^). I had to read it for uni (more about that right below), and if you're interested in literature, it's surely a good reference.

And just like that, March was already over! I didn't really make a lot of progress on the challenge, unfortunately, and I hope I'll catch up soon...

Now, as mentioned above, a word about my studies. Some of you know that until recently, I studied business and economics. However, it became less and less what I had expected and started to make me quite unhappy, so I knew I had to make a change. I'm very lucky that my parents agreed to let me change my subject of study without finishing the other one first (which probably wouldn't have happened anyways), so this winter I changed to German literature and Media studies instead. I'm so glad I did this, as I'm much happier and way more interested in my studies now!

So for my new classes, I needed some new books too, obviously:

We don't have to read all of them, from certain ones we just read extracts or single chapters, and of course we read a lot of essays and texts that we get directly from the professors. I just wanted to post this here too, in order of completion.


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    1. I think media studies is a better term, it involves everything media-related, how media develop and affect us

  2. Oh I see, that makes perfect sense now