Samstag, 25. April 2015

Rainy Saturday

Hi Lovelies,

the weather is not very nice today, it's raining but at the same time it's too warm, which I really dislike, so I spend the day in front of my sewing machine (^.^)
I have not so much to talk about at the moment, so here are two outfits of mine:

Sweater: Lookhuman
I wore one of my new sweaters for this outfit, just something casual and comfortable for school. I hardly ever wear jeans, but I got those at a second-hand fleamarket kind of event and I quite like them (^_^)

Skirt: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse & underskirt: handmade by me
Alice band: Claire's
Shoes; PinUp Couture
I went to see Cinderella in the movies with friends, so I decided to doll up a bit for the occasion! I was very happy with this coord, I've worn this skirt before but I felt I couldn't do it justice then (and it deserves all the justice it can get, it's so gorgeous!).


  1. Hübsche Outfits. :) Der Sweater ist klasse

  2. I love the way you've styled the skirt. It's truly magical :)

  3. Was für ein Kontrastprogramm :D
    Beide Outfits gefallen mir unglaublich gut, vor allem aber die Bluse :3
    Ich habe bis jetzt noch keinen Scnitt gefunden, bei dem mit Blusen so perfekt passen :o

    1. danke schön! ja, ich zieh einfach an was mir gefällt ^^
      ich mag die bluse auch total gern vom schnitt her, obwohl sie schon recht alt ist und nicht so schön genäht kann ich mich nicht von ihr trennen xD