Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

Heat Wave and Smile

Hi dear summer children,
how are you?
I'm really not fond of the hot weather we have here at the moment and I'm already dreaming of autumn (yes I'm a horrible person that way).
However, all the dreaming doesn't help to cool down, so I tried it with distraction in form of a lolita meet-up. Eta Carina organised it in her hometown Lucerne, where I haven't been for ages, so I was really looking forward to it. We went for an hour-long boat tour on a really cute little ship before visiting the Richard Wagner museum.

All lolitas on board!

I liked the museum a lot, although it's rather small, it's decorated lovely, and of course they were playing Wagner music in the background (^.^)

It was great to see my Lolita friends again, there were even some new faces (our community is so small, we are always happy about more people) and a few who hadn't attended a meet-up in a while, so we had a chance to catch up (^.^)

sunglasses because the sun was so blinding
Outfit rundown:
Hat: decorated by me
Jsk: Emily Temple Cute
Shoes: Mojo Moxy (from

Because of the temperatures I didn't want to wear a full-on lolita outfit, so I skipped the blouse and the petticoat, and I was glad I did :D

The brooch is a gift from a friend and has a stag on it (it can be seen better here). Not only do I love the fact that my love for anything deer-related seems to be noticed, but it also matches two of my dresses with deer-print perfectly! I must have good karma, or at least I'm in favour with the fashion gods (*.*)


  1. Es war trotz der Hitze ein sehr schönes Treffen :3 Hach, die Brosche ist wirklich Zucker! Und mir fällt gerade auf den Bildern noch einmal mehr auf wie gut deine grünen Haare zu diesem Rosa des Kleides passen ^.^

  2. Ich wär so gerne dabei gewesen T_T
    Tolles Kleid und awesome Haaaaare :D