Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Pas de Deux

Hi dolls,

two weeks ago, I released a small collection with a new print for my indiebrand Medusa Couture: Odette, featuring beautiful ballerinas:

I adore the aesthetics of ballet dancers (I even briefly danced ballet myself when I was a child), so I always wanted to do a ballerina print, since I think it goes very well with lolita fashion.
The print itself was drawn by the talented BenyiHS who I found on deviantart, you should totally check out her page, her art is amazing!

jsk in offwhite and bordeaux
 I got it printed in offwhite and bordeaux, because I'm currently obsessed with I like these colourways a lot (^.^)

back and details of the jsk

I made a dress and a skirt version and a matching tote bag. Both the dress and skirt have a bustle back, the dress has shirring and lacing in the back and lots of bows and ruffles.

skirt in offwhite and bordeaux

Since I get the printed fabric only per meter, I had a bit left over in the end, so I made bags out of it - I think a tote bag is something you can always use. Plus, lolita handbags are, although super cute, usually not very spacious, so an extra bag can come in handy.

tote bag in offwhite and bordeaux

As always, there are more detail photos on the etsy page (follow the link) or on Medusa Couture's facebook and tumblr!

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