Samstag, 8. August 2015

Book Challenge July

Hi my dear readers,

the best thing about summer (in my opinion) is that I can read whatever books I like, so naturally I wouldn't let that opportunity pass! (^.^)

So those are the books I read in July!

M.R.Carey - The Girl with all the Gifts (English, 461p.)

A friend of mine recomended this book to me, and I wasn't disappointed; it features zombies and strong female lead characters, what more could you wish for? I found it hard to believe it's actually written by a male writer, especially since it reminded me in some points of Twilight (concerning the content of the story, it's not a negative critique or anything).

G. Lakoff & M. Johnson - Leben in Metaphern (German, 272p.)

Originally, this book was written for the English language, so in the German traduction, some of the phrases used as examples confused me a bit (although I was surprised how well the theories could be adapted to the German language). However, other than that it's a very insightful book, if you're interested in language or psychology (or both), you might find it worth reading too!

Markus Zusak - Der Joker (German, 448p.)

- A book written by an author with your same initials

I've read The Book Thief before and I absolutely adore the author's writing style. This is the story of a young man who stops a bank robber and thereupon recieves indvidual playing cards, of which each one leads him to different people to whom he has to deliver messages. Although the ending is quite predictable and the forth wall is being broken (an element I'm not particularly fond of), I love how the story is composed!

I didn't get much further on my book challenge, but after all, I enjoy reading because of the sake of reading, rather than checking off points from a list as fast as possible (^.^)

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