Samstag, 29. August 2015


Hi dolls,

so it seems like this is becoming a sickness, but lately I can't walk by something deer/antler/bambi-themed without buying it (>.<)

So since I love the band Rammstein, I couldn't resist with this bandshirt. I love love love the print, but it was only available as men's shirt, so I got it in the largest size available and turned it into a dress.

Of course, I couldn't *just* turn it into a dress without further embelishments. I think Rammstein have their very own aesthetic, especially when it comes to stage outfits and CD covers, which I tried to incorporate into the design.

The shoulder straps and the logo are made of fake leather. Especially the logo was a lot of work, I had to start over three times until I was halfway satisfied with the workmanship. It's still not 100% perfect, but I just hope no one will look too closely.

I used large metal rings and rivets to assemble all the pieces. The jersey from the shirt is quite thick and of good quality, but for good measure I reinforced the parts where the straps are attached with double-sided interface and an additional layer of jersey.

I sewed the lower part of the logo on the dress, so part of the cross is not see-through. This has several intentions, for one increased stability, but also to hide the bra band, and lastly just as a design element. The Rammstein logo is so geometrically perfect, which is very satisfying on one hand, but on the other hand I needed this little interruption.

I have no idea how to pose in a dress like this, so I just tried *something*
Shoes are by Demonia

Speaking of bras, I found out that the one strapless bra I bought ages ago still fits me (miraculously), so I didn't even had to buy a new one. I cut the sides of the dress a bit lower so the band can peek through (so hipster ^^), but the shoulder strap design obviously calls for a strapless bra.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and probably the best part about it is how incredibly comfortable it is - after all, it's still an oversized t-shirt (*_*)


  1. Wow, awesome!!
    The shirt is great itself but you made it even better *Q*
    Good job, girl <3

  2. this. is. AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!!! *_* you are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!