Dienstag, 11. August 2015


Hi dolls,

I'm travelling a lot at the moment and in the near future, for vacations and lolita conventions, and in between I'm glued to the sewing machine, all of which makes me very very happy (^.^)
However, there are some purchases I made this summer that I haven't shown you, which I'd like to catch up on before I forget it (if you follow my instagram you've already seen them though).

fox bag from modcloth

shoes from modcloth

shoes from ebay

I also have an outfit to share with you! I had the chance to dress up a bit on sunday (^.^) I feel like this outfit represents my current style and preferences quite well, and it makes me happy how effortless I can put it together - after purchasing and selling many many garments, my wardrobe has finally reached a somewhat coherent state, yay! (*.*)

hat: decorated by me
lace bolero: ebay
jsk: Innocent World
shoes: Deichmann

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