Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

More Legwear

Hi my dears,

recently, I restocked my legwear collection (^.^)
Socks and tights are a very important item in Lolita fashion, the possibilities and varieties of styles and coordination are almost endless. Stockings of any kind have always been a beloved accessoire of mine, also before I started wearing Lolita.

This time, I placed an order at That's what I got:

black pothole stockings
black-white vertical striped stockings
black-white checked stokings
black opaque stockings

I looked at quite a few online shops and then chose to try, because they have a great selection of styles and brands (like Leg Avenue, MusicLegs, Kunert etc.), prices are in my range considering they sell good quality items and shipping costs are low for me since they are located in Germany.
Communication was excelent, you can pay easily with PayPal or bank transfer, and when you send something back (like I did), you get your money back. Handling and shipping was very fast, the parcel arrived thee days after I placed my order and also the refund for the items I sent back was paid immediately.
Allover, I highly recommend to order nice stockings, socks or leggins, they sure have something for every taste and occasion. I personally can't wait to wear my new darlings (*.*)

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