Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012


Good morning!

I hope you all started well into the new week after the prolonged weekend (^.-)
I did some sewing, yay! Maybe one or the other of you remembers this bolero I made ages ago. It was actually quite cute, but the cut sucked so I never really wore it. But the fact that a lot Lolitas seem to wear vests lately and an outfit Natron posted a while ago both inspired me to turn it into a cute vest:

It's actually quite short, since the length was given, obviously. Nevertheless, I like it. It's lined with black jersey from an old t-shirt I'm not wearing either and also the buttons were already lying around in my sewing box, which means I didn't spend anything on this vest (apart from the thread, but we're not  nitpicking)

Well, just imagine it ironed and de-wrinkled xD.
I also have a great idea to coordinate it with, but this idea means I have so sew another skirt first (>.<)
I already ordered the fabric, oh, this is going to be awesome *being mysterious*


  1. Upcycling rockt! :D
    (auch wenn ich leider nicht so viele Details erkennen kann, aber ich bin gespannt auf das Outfit!)

  2. Dankeschön :3

    Die Weste sieht toll aus. Sie wird Dir bestimmt gut stehen ^-^