Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Friday Favourites #4

Do you like to read? And if yes, what are you reading at the moment? I'm looking forward to the end of my exams, so I can enjoy literature again (^.^)
So here come this week's favourites of mine:


Isn't that couch adorable? I imagine it in a big, gloomy living room with heavy velvet curtains and spooky pictures in orrnate frames...

One of La Carmina's awesome WGT outfits

Natron, also wearing a highly inspiring outfit. Normally, I'm not a big fan of leggins, but if they come sequined, together with some fake fur and rivets, they're quite Rock'n'Roll!

Ana Hernandez, modelling a corset by Bibian Blue

Kerli @ Boston Pride

This picture just makes me happy 

Extremely cute tote bag!


  1. What lovely favourites you chose this week, I love almost all of them.
    Yes, I love reading. Your graphic reminds me of a wonderful book. It is called "Das ist ein Buch". You can find it amongst the gift books, I suppose. It is not big, but so lovely. Currently, I am reading "Die Geschichte vom Tod meiner Stadt" by Yiftach Ashkenazy, but I started only yesterday, so I can't tell you yet if I like it.

    1. Never heard of thet book before, but the title sounds interesting ^^

  2. I'm currently reading two books, "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" by Seth Grahame-Smith and if that get's too American-History-ish I switch to "Ensel und Krete" by Walter Moers. I love both books for very different reasons. Abraham Lincoln is amazingly researched and well written, it's like he was really a Vampire Hunter because it all makes sense ^^ Walter Moers has the same kind of strange humour as I and since his books contain a lot of his drawings, reading his books becomes a very strange adventure.


    1. Yes, the pumps are pretty awesome!
      I like Moers a lot too, especially how he writes ^^