Samstag, 21. März 2015

LBM 2015

Hi dolls,

last weekend, I went to Leipzig with my friend Aya to visit the Bookfair! I was very excited, as it was my first time (^.^)
On friday and sunday I wore a cosplay. On friday Doll from Angel Sanctuary, and on sunday we joined some friends of Aya who were doing a YuGiOh sorcerer cosplay group. As I hadn't much time beforehand (we decided rather spontainously to go to Leipzig), I wanted to make something simple and went for the fire sorcerer. Unfortunately, I don't have a single picture of these two outfits, maybe I'll find one later.
On saturday, we wore a matching lolita outfit, as we both have the same dress from Medusa Couture:

Outfit rundown:
Jsk: Medusa Coure
Blouse: Bodyline
Vest: handmade by me
Shoes: Vögele

We met Hel, another lolita from Switzerland. She was wearing an amazing outfit inspired by Hannibal - naturally, we were rather scared of her (^.^)

I had an amazing time at the fair, although it's huuuge and there were a lot of people. I loved to see all the amazing cosplayers, which makes me want to make something super elaborate (but alas! the time, the time). I met some great new people and also did some shopping, of course (^.^). Besides some art books from the artist section (I'll get back to them in another post), I couldn't resist buying this adorable jellyfish necklace from caffecupcake: