Samstag, 28. März 2015

Underskirt 2.0

Hi Cuties,

in Lolita fashion, underskirts can be very useful. Especially if you like wearing dresses from Japanese brands, because those tend to be a bit short for western Lolitas, and I personally like skirt hems rather longer than shorter (but that's everyones own business how they want to wear their frilly dresses!).

So a while ago, I made an underskirt for my Lolita wardrobe. However, the fabric was really annoying. While beautiful and of great quality, it also wrinkled super fast. Not the best premise for a garment with many many ruffles, as it was a pain to iron it (-.-)

So I made a new one, from chiffon this time!

Over the past few years, I've grown to like chiffon as a material more and more. It's true that it isn't easy to handle, especially for beginners, but once you've learned the kinks to it, it becomes much more agreable. It's so versatile and has a great fall!

For the hem, I used this tulle lace with tiny bows and dots embroidered on it. Isn't it cute?
Well, I thought so too. When I ordered it from etsy, I originally wanted to use it on a design for my own etsy shop, but when it arrived, the quality was kinda disappointing:

Loose threads everywhere! (-.-)
I couldn't possibly use it on something I'd sell, so I took it for this underskirt instead. It's not that obvious if you don't look too close, so I guess it's ok for this skirt...

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  1. Shame about that bow fabric :c
    Love the underskirt thoooooough!
    Clairey xx