Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

And The Winner Is...

*drum roll*

Well, this time, it was really hard to choose one of you. I'd really love to give everyone of those who participated something, but well, there can be only one winner...
(Damn, next time I'l draw the winner by lot again, I don't like making such desicions on my own... but it's obviously my own fault xD )

So now, the moment everyone has beed waiting for:

*drum roll*

The lucky winner of the sparlkling surprise is...

*drum roll*

That's what she wrote on my question about what she likes best on Christmas:
"So, what do I like best? Hm, my favourite thing is the look on the faces when people open my presents for them. It always gives me a good feeling when I see that my presents are appreciated and that I found just the right things for someone. And wrapping presents! I love that ^^"

So, for the others, please don't be sad, ok?


As this will be my last post before Christmas, I wish you all happy holidays and a beautiful Christmas!!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Thank you so, so, so much! *___*
    I've never won something before! (although this sentence sounds like a cliché, doesn't it? :D)
    I hope the others are not too sad and I wish you and your readers a Merry Christmas and a lovely time together with your beloved ones.