Montag, 19. Dezember 2011


Yes, it finally snowed, tons and tons, during the whole weekend - not in Basel, no, but at my mum's place - so I eventually feel like it's really winter (^.^)

I enjoed myself going skiing, it was wonderful!

Here some more pictures of my last two weeks:

Mentos Berry Mix - never saw those before, but they're awesome!

Went to the Body Shop to use a  gift coupon before it would run out and got a silver glitter eyeliner and Moringa body lotion.

Sometimes, we have lectures in this very old auditorium with its very old wooden benches where everyone scribbles something down. It's aways funny to read the messages and look at the tiny drawings, and this week, I found a Harry Potter sketch! Isn't it cute?

Found my cute heart-shaped tea ball a friend once gave me as a gift. Now I can drink loose tea again!

I haven't completely neglected my knitting work, I just never showed the small progresses... in fact, I'm almost done with the second sleeve, yay!

And to end up, some more snow-pictures (*.*)

So, this was my week, How was yours?

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