Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Christmas Presents

Hey everyone!

I hope you survived the x-mas holiday well, with your beloved ones and hopefully nice presents!

I usually do the same thing for everyone - something handmade, but in different variations. This year, I got inspired by Natron, who had this idea last year for Christmas: she decorated a fleece blanket for the sofa with a patchwork border. And that's what I did, too xD.

I was very relieved everyone liked it (*.*)

One present I made was a bit more lavish, that's why I could only make one (^.^) I did some embroidery and turned it into a cushion. Back and frame of the embroidery is a simple patchwork. Do you recognize the fabrics I used?

For my dear penpal Sue, I made a black-purple toilet bag - something you can always use, I supposed. I'm glad that, she too, liked it <3

The purple fabric is actually the same I used for my a-shape dress

As for the lining, I couldn't resist to give the whole thing a little bit of cuteness - anyhow, the colours fit so nicely, don't they?

And for those who are curious, the sparkling surprise of my giveaway:

A necklace with pearls and a sparkling snowflake charm.

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