Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Curls & Ponytails

Hi dolls,

sorry for not posting anything in a while, things are a little crazy since university started again, I don't even really have time to dress up a little (>.<)

But I had time to spend some money (^.^)

After admiring them on other Lolitas, I finally ordered two wigs from GothicLolitaWigs:

I got the Wavy Black Chocolate and the Black & Lavender Split wig, both with ponytails. The latter is declared as "longer version" by RockStarWigs, since the ordinary one wasn't available anymore, but honestly, who would complain about long hair? Me certainly not.
I ordered from their website (they have facebook too) and paid with PayPal. All went without complications. I placed the order on the 10.9., they shipped by airmail three days later and the parces arrived yesterday, so it took about two weeks, which is quite fast.
The wigs themselves are awesome. The colours are even more beautiful than I imagined, and the hair feels very soft and real. The styling is very cute (I tried them on but I would rather spare you of that look xD), the curls are well-defined and the bangs full and well-placed.
All in all, I can't find anything negative and highly recommend GothicLolitaWigs if you want a high-quality wig. They're rather expensive, especially if you live in Europe, but they're really worth it.

And look, the brand tag has a unicorn on it! Nothing bad can happen with a unicorn, right? (*.*)

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