Samstag, 15. September 2012

Sewing Beauty

Once upon a time,

there was a princess who felt the desire to make a garment red as blood. In order to obtain the fabric necessary, she entered an unknown yet colourful world called the internet and assigned a genteman dressed in yellow to carry the order to her humble castle. But a misfortune happened and the desired fabric turend out to be not blood red but rather wine red. Enraged, the princess banned the poor fabric who was all innocent to stay in a dark small place for a long time.

But then, one bright morning, the princess had pity with the abandoned fabric and released it from its prison.

To make up for her mean behaviour, the princess decided that only the finest lace and the prettiest buttons were good enough for the incredibly soft jersey. Racked with guilt, she spent hours and hours in her rose-tendriled castle sewing a delicate dress, inspired by the beauty of her favourite flowers. 

Who would have known, that in the end, the once so accursed would bloom into her new favourite dress, and they lived happily ever after.

(whereas the princess was familiar with the art of clothes-making, the art of photography still remained a big mystery to her)


  1. What a cute fairytale and dress! I especially love the details on the cuffs and the collar.
    I'd love to read more stories about the sewing princess :D

    1. Thank you! haha I just wrote something down because when I made it I thought about the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, but it was fun to write it ^^