Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

More Red Tartan

Hi my dears,

those of you who sew too know that when you make something, there's always that little leftover of fabric you didn't use. It's too big to throw away but too small to turn it into another garment, so I just keep these without ever using them again, normally.
But one thing I love about sewing lolita clothing is that you can take said leftover fabric and turn it into cute little accessoires. This way, you have always something matching to wear with your lolita item and the fabric mountain doesn't grow irrepressible (^.^)

To go with my new tartan skirt, I made a pair of gaiters:

I used the same pattern as I did for the purple ones I once sewed and added some ruffles in black.

For the buttons, I used fabric covered ones for the first time. I was surprised how easy it was to cover the buttons, I think they look quite good and I guess I'll use fabric covered buttons more often from now on. Only downside, I found them in exaclty one store and they were quite expensive. Maybe I'll find them somewhere little more affordable.