Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Bloomers of Doom

Once upon a time...

...there was a girl who wanted to be a princess. But because there was no prince in sight whom she could have married, she decided to go to the far-off empire of bows and ruffles, where young ladies could be frilly princesses, eben those who didn't belong to the nobility.

So the girl packed up her most beautiful gowns and set off, over rolling hills and through dark forests. When she finally arrived, she felt welcome at once. All the other frilly princesses were really sweet, and so the girl found new friends and never missed her old live she had left behind.

But one dark morning, our princess noticed thet her undergarnments were in no state to be worn anymore. This meant she would embarrass herself and the other princesses every time she climbed a stair or bent down to pick up a flower. When the emperess of the empire of bows and ruffles was informed about this indecorous behaviour, she got very mad and banned the poor princess from the empire. She was not to come back until she was dressed appropriatively again.

The girl who didn't dare to call herself a princess anymore wandered aimlessly around. The environment became rougher and unfriendlier, as she climbed down, until she felt as if she was going through hell. But despite her fears, she went on, until she could finally see the sunlight again. A good fairy appeared and rewarded her for her braveness. Happily, the girl could return to the empire, dressed perfectly. 

And from that day on, none of the frilly princesses would ever dare to behave indecorous in any way, and they lived happily and well-mannered ever after.


  1. XD What a cute story!

    You made these, yes? What material did you use out of curiosity?

    1. Thank you <3
      yes, I made these, I'm not sure what the material is... it's some mixture of cotton and polyester, slightly stretchy. It looks a bit shiny on the pictures but is actually not in real life.

  2. That was such a funny story!
    Cute bloomers :) I like simple bloomers like that!