Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Royal Jewels

Hi lovelies,

I hope you can enjoy your weekend!

One thing I love about Lolita fashion is that you can pick a theme for your outfit and choose every single element of it according to the theme (^.^)

So when I made the Peacock Skirt, I had a pair of matching earrings, and that's that. So I kept looking out for peacock accessoires, maybe I would be lucky and find something?

As you might know, my favourite jewellery are rings, I really have a soft spot for rings and can hardly resist if I see a particularly desirable one. So I was indeed lucky and found this beautiful ring at Claire's.

As it seemed to me before, it hasn't been a bad time at all to search for peacock accessoires. I spotted them quite frequently, but you wouldn't believe the variety in looks and colours. Of course, the colour was important, since I had already the skirt. But it had also to be pretty. I wouldn't have thought so, but apparently peacocks aren't the most grateful model to design jewellery (or maybe people just aren't that gifted?). Anyway, believe it or not, this particular ring was the only one I really liked, so of course I bought it.

Well, one tiny tiny flaw there is; in the fabric, they used golden thread to highlight, whereas the ring ist made of oxidised silver looking metal, and normally I don't mix silver and gold and thus would have prefered golden accessoires. But besides that, it complements the print of the fabric quite beautifully, doesn't it? (^.^)

So, that was my shopping experience, when looking for the (almost) perfect item. It might appear ridiculous, to spend that much thought into a piece of costume jewellery (I think this would be the term for not-real jewellery?), but it's fun too (^.-).

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