Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Helsinki, Part III: The Ounce & Sightseeing

Hi cuties,

so here's the third part of my adventures in Finnland!
On Monday after the teaparty, we had time for some more sightseeing in the city, before the girls from Austria would leave (I stayed two more days). Helsinki is so pretty just to walk around the city, it reminds me a little of Paris, just way smaller, cuter and cleaner (^.^)
In the afternoon, we stopped by The Ounce, a very cute tea shop, where an amazing selection of tea is sold and served. Apparently, it's very popular for Finnish Lolitas to go there, and since a Lolita we met at the teapaty works there too, we had to pay a visit  and taste the tea, of course.

Kati told us she always wears Lolita for work, so amazing!

I was so in love with the decor of the tiny shop! I guess I'd probably go there every day if I lived in Helsinki (*.*)
Many of the teas they serve are made especially for The Ounce, and they are all made of real ingredients, without any additives.

I chose to drink Alice in Wonderland, green tea with strawberries and white chocolate. It's very sweet, but the sweetness is also very soft and delicate. I usually drink green tea without sugar, because I don't like it if it's sweetened, but this tea is absolutely amazing.

So of course, I had to buy some of it, so I would be able take this heavenly taste with me. I drink it almost every day, it's so delicious!
I also purchased this adorable tin can. Isn't it pretty? I displayed it in my room, would be a shame to hide it in the cupboard. 

While at The Ounce, Katrin drew for us an Austrian/Swiss Lolita in the guest book!

So when the girls had left, I had two more days on my own. In advance, I had thought of maybe going to Talinn for one day, but had to cancel that idea. So I visited various parts of Helsinki instead. I took a lot of pictures and saw a lot of things, but there are two places in particular I'd like to show you.

One of them is the Winter Garden of the city. It's an amazingly calm, beautiful place. I could have stayed there all day! The building itself is quite impressing, and it's filled up to the roof with exotic plants.

View over the snowy rose garden towards the city

I hope those are not too many photos? It's just so indescribably beautiful, I hope I could show you a little...

I also visited Sea Life, the aquarium. That was very nice too, I was almost alone and looking at the fishes turned out to be very relaxing.
I was very fond of the octopus (he even has his own pirate ship!)

 They even had jellyfishes! Those were by far my favourites. I am very fascinated by jellyfish (the reason I chose a jellyfish as a logo for my etsy shop). They were illuminated by colour-changing lights.

I saw many more things, but I don't want to overwhelm you even more.
So I conclude this post with the heart-shaped starbucks coffe I got (so cute!)


  1. Der Garten sieht ja wirklich toll aus *o*

  2. Wow!
    Wir waren leider nicht in dem Garten und in Sea Life, obwohl ich gern rein wollte :/ nächstes mal definitiv :D

  3. Ich liebe alte Gewächshäuser und botanische Gärten. In Lyon gibt es auch einen sehr schönen, falls du mal dort sein solltest.
    Und der Teeladen sieht ja fantastisch aus. Dass sie alles ohne Aroma-Zusätze machen, finde ich toll, das ist ja sonst leider zu selten der Fall.