Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

2 Outfits & New Impressions

Hi my dears,

so I survived the first 3 days of university xD. Monday was basically just introduction to every subject, but yesterday and today, we started with lecture. I'm really happy with economics (so far), it's all very interesting.
For the first day, I chose a back&lavender Casual Lolita outfit:

outfit rundown:
shoes: Converse
gaiters: handmade
skirt: Dear Celine
shirt: Chicoree
bolero: handmade
jewellery: Claire's

Today, I met Elodie, a fellow Lolita I met at the last meet-up and who lives in Basel, too. I'm so glad to know another Lolita who lives so close! She showed me the city a bit, so first we went to the cathedral, which would be a perfect location for a photoshoot (^.^)
Then we went at Lush's and talked to the shop assistant, who was extremely kind and liked my petticoat a lot. I was sorry not to buy anything, but it's just so expensive! Although I like it a lot there, where I lived before wasn't a Lush shop nearby.
Speaking of expensive things, I fell in love with a pair of boots (sorry, I can't find a piture right now). They were so beautiful - until I looked at the price tag. I mean, more than 300 francs for a pair of shoes?  I need either a good job or a good sponsor (>.<)
That's what I wore:

outfit rundown:
headbow: Innocent World
bolero: handmade
jsk: handmade
tights: ?
shoes: Vögele shoes 

Manor, Claire's, hanmade

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