Sonntag, 18. September 2011

My Week In Pictures

Hi cuties,

I wanted to improve my photgrafic skills a bit, and what would be a better way than just practice?
Kristina from Kayture does every week a so-called goodies post, where she posts pictures from her week with a short explanation. I thought that this is a very nice idea to bring a bit more of my personal live into this blog, so I shamelessly copycat her ^^
Let me know whether you approve it!

Found these little bags filled with lavender on a market, so my clothes will always smell nice

 I love tea and drink a lot all day long, so I had to find a new big tea mug for my new home

 Sweet lemon shower gel & body lotion from The Body Shop. So yummy!

 For an energetic start into the day: oat flakes, fruits and soy milk

 Needed something new to read, so I did Mr. Wilde the honour ^^

Finally an outfit from last week, I felt like wearing somethin simple with a maritime touch
Outfit rundown:
Jacket: handmade
Top & Skirt: Zebra
Shoes: Vögele Shoes
Jewellery: handmade

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