Montag, 12. September 2011

Meet-Up in Fribourg

Hey my dears,

I hope you all had a nice weekend!
I had (^.^) On saturday, we had a meet-up in Fribourg. We went to the museum of Natural History, where the entry was free, and had a photoshoot with our personal photographer Vincent in the botanic garden. It's really great to have someone who comes to the meet-ups to take pictures of us, and he's so talented, his photos are awesome! Check out his flickr!
Then we went to Visu Tokyo, a store where they sell Lolita clothes, but I was a bit disappointed, there were mainly Bodyline clothes and they were quite expensive.
In the end, we went to a café and just sat there and talked. We were a really big group and I met so many lovely new girls. All in all, I enjoyed the day a lot, although it was very hot, which wasn't improved by my choice of outfit, on the contrary. But I guess, beauty comes at a price, right?

So here are some pics of the photoshoot:

Outfit rundown:
Headdress: Kidsyoyo
Wig: CosplayAnimeWigs
Blouse: Dear Celine
Skirt: handmade
Tights: offbrand
Shoes: An*tai*na
Bag: handmade
Jewellery: romwe, offbrand

...and all of us!

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