Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Patchwork-Quilt: First Steps

Hello everybody,

in the last few days, I worked a bit on my quilt and then I thought, it would be nice to make a little tutorial. Some of you may already know the system, others probably not, and I have something to write about. ^^

First thing is the basting of the facric to the hexagonal jigs. I made my jigs of stronger paper, but there seem to be other possibilities, like plastic or freezer paper. So then I cut the fabric hexagons, which have to be larger than the jigs, in my case I added 1 cm everywhere:

Then I folded the edges around the jig and sewed it with basting thread, once around every edge:

That was the first step. I made quite a lot of them before I started sewing them together, but you can also start sewing with a small pile, each to his own.

Second step: the sewing. For this, you need two or more basted hexagons. Since I make little pink flowers, I had the middle in pink or red and six "petals" in rose.

To sew them, you take the first two hexagoons and put them together so the right sides are inside:

With needle and thread (I used white one), you keep sewing one edge, but be careful only to sew the fabric and not the paper inside.


When you're on the end of the edge, you take the next hexagon, until the one in the middle is completely surrounded by other ones:

Now, you can take the jig in the middle out, since it will keep the shape without it:

Whenever a hexagon is sewn to another one on every edge, you can take the jig out and reuse it, if it's still usable.
By now, I have made some pink flowers and started to sourround them with a little green:


  1. Die Erklärung ist total toll *-*
    Dankeschön xD
    Und das Ergebniss sieht echt schön aus *-*

  2. dieser quilt greift echt um sich xDDD