Sonntag, 4. September 2011


Hello my dears,

I hope you're all ok.
I have moved almost all my stuff to my new home by now - picture will follow as soon as I have cleared up a bit (^.^)
I also did some shopping lately - be prepared!  xD

So, now for something more serious (come on - me, serious?). I've already mentioned it, that due to my moving out, I had to leave my beloved sewing machine at my mother's place. So there will be much less of sewn thigs here, since I'll be able to sew only on the weekends when I go home - if at all. Probably there will be more hand-sewn stuff, like the quilt, of course, and embroidery, I also start to sympathize with knitting, maybe some. Handicraft will also stay a part of this blog - this desire to be a bit creative is nothing I could (or would) turn off.
So far so good, but beside that, I think of bringing in more fashion. Probably more outfit posts, or just inspiration etc... well, we'll see how this blog will develop...

Yeah, that's how it looks like. I hope that my lovely readers will remain true to my little blog!
Have a good time!


  1. und selbst ne kleine Nähma kaufen? Lidls und Co hat doch immer mal eine im Angebot ;)

  2. Fotooos! ;) und Fashionposts finde ich durchaus auch interessant.