Montag, 8. September 2014

Finish What You Started

Hi dolls,

once upon a time, a silly girl had the impression to have too much free time and therefor decided to start sewing an English patchwork quilt, eventually to be used as a bed cover. By hand. Some of you might remember that said girl (aka me) actually made it and fisnished the patchwork part of the project. Those who don't, here's a résumé of it.

After that, the unquilted quilt disappeared from my thoughts and into my cupboard. I just had other priorities. At least I managed to make two matching pillows at some point, initially to practice quilting by hand. However, I wasn't satisfied with the result and decided to quilt the actual piece with my sewing machine (after all, I do have a quilting foot for it, when was a better time to use it that for this proect?).

So finally this summer, I took it out again. My semster break lasts 3 months, I knew I wouldn't be travelling anywhere (unfortunately, but you can't have it all), and anything unfinished bothers me. I set myself the goal to finish it by the end of summer, and I succeeded! I'm also very happy with the result:

As I mentioned, it's all quilted by sewing machine. Probably not very historically correct, but I made up my own pattern and colours from the beginning anyways, so who cares.
I wanted to continue the discrepance between the graphic hexagons and the playful, ornamental pattern. Therefore, I sewed along the seams of the hexagons around the pink and darker green pieces, but made round ornaments on the lighter green pieces.

Since I love everything geometrical, I couldn't resist to mirror the quilting pattern so it would be symetrical and look the same on every side, even if that meant more work (and no one's going to notice anyways, but at least I have my peace of mind)

For the back side, I chose this gorgeous rose-patterned fabric. It matches great with the colours on the front side, the print doesn't compete with the patchwork, and it's not too graphic so it doesn't attract too much attention to the fact that I didn't work completely accurate (which is quite hard on such a large piece).

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  1. Oh Mara, du bist ja wahnsinnig! Der ist so schön geworden *herzchenaugen*
    Dein Quiltmuster ist sehr stimmig, ich mag die Kombination mit den runden Formen, das sieht toll aus!
    Gratulation bzw. Chapeau!
    Ja, wenn ich das so sehe sollte ich mich doch auch mal wieder an meinen setzen^^
    lg ette