Samstag, 6. September 2014


Hello my dears.

since we're already talking about shopping; maybe some of you remember the resolution I took at the beginning of the year, which includes not to shop for a year.
Well, I must admit, I'm doing better than I expected xD. I purchased something at Hellocon, an order from qutieland arrived (which I had placed in december 2013, so it doesn't count), and I stumbled upon some Lolita dreamdresses which I couldn't help but buying (already mentioned, but this is something I allowed myself from the start).

At the beginning of summer (remeber, when it was really hot), I bought a bikini, which was kinda nescessairy. I hadn't bought a new bathing suit for ages and the old one was litteraly falling apart.

It's from modcloth and hence quite expensive, I saw it in spring and thought, "oh, if it was on sale, I could maybe afford it". BAM, some weeks later it was indeed on sale, and I couldn't resist anymore. It's so beautiful and worth every penny. The colour! The tiny (embroidered!) anchors! And it fits like a glove. It's great the top and the bottom are sold seperately, so you can make sure to get the right size. Honestly, if  I could, I would spend sooo much money on modcloth, they sell so many amazing things *sigh*

But that's not the only thing I purchased. Those who know me know I have a big big weakness for shoes. So despite all, these are the shoes I got so far this year:

T-straps by Deichmann.
You probably spotted them already in my outfit post last week. I bought them when I went to Hamburg with my family during Ascension and realized I had forgotten to bring some elegant shoes with me... we went to see the Lion King Musical and I couldn't possibly wear chucks! Back at home I found them to be not only very comfortable, but also astonishing versatile. The colour is somewhat beige-greyish and goes with almost everything, not to mention the cute style and convenient heel height, so I'm wearing them quite often and didn't regret this purchase once (^.^)

High heels in light pink by Pin Up Couture.
This brand makes the most adorable shoes, and despite the ridicoulously high heels they are not that hard to walk in. I ordered them after I had sold some things over my etsy shop and didn't know what to do with all that money, haha.

Sandals from Deichmann again.
I've been wearing a lot of casual classic lolita/mori/whatever style this summer, and these shoes just went perfectly with my outfits without making my feet melt (I'm not a summer person, I despise the heat).

Mint Lolita shoes from Antaina.
I ordered them on qutieland last year, but they have a looooong producing and shipping duration, so they only arrived in march or something. They're very comfortable and I love mint anyways, so no regrets again (^.^)


  1. I love the heels from pin up couture, they're my dream shoes

  2. Kann mich Ophelia nur anschliessen, die pinken High Heels lassen mich auch grad schwach werden. Dabei habe ich doch schon meinem Freund gesagt, ich will keine Schuhe zum Geburtstag. Hachje, ich glaub Schuh-Sucht ist einfach unheilbar^^
    Und der Bikini ist ja schön! Vielleicht sollte ich auch häufiger mal bei Modcloth gucken (oder vielleicht besser nicht ;-) )
    lg ette

  3. Ich finde den Bikini total schön! Und muss mich auch hier den anderen anschliessen - die Pin up couture Schuhe sehen richtig süss aus. Aber mir gefallen auch die Deichmann-Schuhe, die sind so klassisch. (*.*)