Freitag, 26. September 2014

"I Always Loved The Idea Of Not Being What People Expect Me To Be"

Hey dolls,

I have one more thing to catch up on from my adventures this summer, when I was taking a break with my blog!
I had the pleasure to be photographed by Natalia Mansano for a Lolita photography project called "Lolitas, Princesses Modernes". It started back in November (or so) last year, when Natalia approached the french-speaking Lolita community of Switzerland, to do a photo session. You can read more about it on Pyls blog, here and here.
The original idea was to portray only the french-speaking Lolitas. Hovewer, they also asked me to participate, so I could represent the german-speaking Lolitas. They also wanted me to wear an outfit which is completely handmade by me. Naturally, I wouldn't miss this opportunity!
The photoshoot took place at the Rose Garden in Bern, so I chose a gothic black-and-white outfit with a bat and rose theme. I wore my renewed bat-skirt and the prototype of the Medusa Couture Comtesse Bat Bonnet (it's quite floppy since I was experimenting with the manufacturing, the ones I sell at the shop keep their shape much better!). Everythng else is handmade too, obviously, except the shoes, which are by Demonia, and the socks and jewellery.

I felt kinda awkward, since this was my first ever *real* photoshooting with a real photographer. It was over very quickly, and I'm not sure what to think of the photos... but decide for yourselves.
The first three photos are by Natalia, the rest are making-of-behind-the-scenes-pictures by the lovely Pyl, who assisted Natalia that day.

probably my favourite pic

Pyl & me


With the old town of Bern in the background

floppy bonnet is floppy

more details

Little quiz: do you know whom the quote of the title is from? (without google! (^.-))


  1. Das dritte Foto ist toll, du siehst so stark und unabhängig aus darauf! Die beiden anderen finde ich auch sehr schön, die zeigen einfach eine zartere Seite wie ich finde. :) Das erste ist total romantisch! Ist das Zitat von Dita? Ich habe nicht gegooglet! ;)

    1. uuuuuund die kandidatin hat 100 punkte! ^^ ist tatsächlich ein zitat von dita <3 und danke ^^

  2. Merci encore de participer à notre projet, d'y contribuer avec la traduction, etc. J'espère que la prochaine exposition pourra faire honneur à tes créations ! Tu es vraiment magnifique dans cette tenue Gothic Lolita, inspiration chauve-souris ! Je crois que c'est ma "collection" préférée de Medusa Couture :)