Freitag, 12. September 2014

Visitons Lausanne

Hi cuties,

back in June, I made plans to visit Pyl in Lausanne, because - shockingly - I've never really been there before, although it's a very interesting city, cultural and otherwise.
So on short-notice it became a mini-lolita-meet-up, we were six girls in the end, three from the french- and three from the german-speaking part of Switzerland.
Pyl gave us a superb city tour, so I'd like to share some impressions with you! 

First, we had lunch at Zoo Burger, I had this delicious veggie burger (^.^) yummy!

Afterwards, some of us fancied a dessert, so we stopped at this cute frozen yoghurt place called GeA.

Well fed and happy, we then proceeded to the beautiful park Mon Repos, where we also took some pictures. The weather was incredibly good (although too hot for me), so I had decided to wear a casual sweet outfit.

Outfit rundown:
Cutsew & skirt: handmade by me
Shoes: Antaina
Accessoires: Claire's, MoonBunny, Mademoiselle Oppossum

Les filles romandes: Cécilia, Pyl & Svetlana
Les filles suisse-allemandes: me, Magali & Lea
Our adorable guide then took us to the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne (yes, that's the official name!), which is not only the greatest gothic building in Switzerland, but also incredibly beautiful. If you happen to be in Lausanne, don't miss going there!

Finally, our last stop led us to a super cute café called Cuppin's, where we enjoyed home-made iced tea and cupcakes (^.^)

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  1. Je suis heureuse de vous avoir fait découvrir ma ville ! J'espère que ça vous a donné envie d'y revenir :3