Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Lemon Cake

Hi my dears,

I think I have mentioned on several occasions already that I'm very very fond of hats. Some time ago, I bought and decorated two big straw hats, which I still like to wear. Unfortunately, they are indeed quite big and I never had a proper space to store them. I looked around for hat boxes, but everything I found was either not large enough, too ugly or too expensive. 
So obviously I started thinking about making a hat box by myself. Natron then wrote on her blog about how to make fabric-covered cardboard boxes (you can find the original tutorial here. It's written in German, but I think the pictures are quite self-explanatory), which do not only look very pretty, but are also easy to make from inenxpensve materials. Definively my favourite kind of tutorial!
I just changed the shape of my box, since it should be round in the end. For the fabric, I chose one with a very pretty lemon print, which I orignially bought to make a dress with but never managed to because I couldn't settle for a cut I liked, so it kept lying around and taking up space.

I sewed the seams on the rims of the box and the lid with the sewing machine, but naturally I had to make the seams on the edges by hand. Since this seam remained visible, I hid it under an ornamental trim which I simply glued on top of it. Neat, right?

I'm very happy how it turned out, especially how well the box goes with the fabric. Although it keeps reminding me a little of a giant lemon cake (^.^)

For the lining, I took a matching light-green fabric, which was also intended for the never-to-be-made dress.

In case you wondered: yes, it is quite large.
The circumference was given, obviously, by the size of the straw hats. But I must admit, I kind of miss-estimated the height when I planned the box, so it turned out bigger than I expected. However, this mistake doesn't seem to be a fatal one, because now I can stuff all my hats, knitted caps and also my styropor head into it, which makes my room look much more tidy!

Of course, it wouldn't be me if I hadn't seized the opportunity to aquire yet another hat (*.*)
H&M had a lovely selection of bowler-shaped straw hats, so I just couldn't resist to buy one, especially since H&M is so kind to produce hats in different sizes, of which the largest one actually fits my head!

I decorated it with some offwhite cotton lace, fake roses and a tiny bird (^.^)
I love how it turned out, since it matches my current style quite well, some mixture of casual classic lolita and mori girl, so I happened to wear it a lot this summer!


  1. Aww die Box ist süß und die Hüte auch *^*

  2. Hüte! Ich liebe, liebe sie auch! *_* Die Box ist wunderschön geworden. Ich überlege mir auch schon lange wo ich meine Lieblinge unterbringen kann. Vielleicht sollte ich mich auch mal an eine Hutbox wagen… Ich finde den Stoff, den du benutzt hast sehr hübsch. Ich mag gelb nicht so sehr, aber es sieht so erfrischend aus und passt doch sehr gut zu deinen Sommerstrohhüten ;)

  3. Ui, die ist ja wunderschön geworden! Der Zitronenstoff sieht super aus.
    Und du hast mir noch den richtigen Denkanstoss gegeben. Ich habe Hutschachteln genug, aber meinem Freund fehlt eine für seine Hüte. Ich kannte die Anleitung, wäre aber nie auf die Idee gekommen, sie für runde Dosen zu verwenden. Super dass das klappt.
    lg ette