Sonntag, 3. März 2013


Hi darlings,

those of you who also like to sew - as a hobby or even professionally - were probably already in this situation too: someone asks you to sew something for them. I, personally, am always happy to take such a duty, because you get to create something you wouldn't wear normally. This time, however, I wouldn't have said no (^.^).
The situation was as follows: Two weeks ago, my family and I were in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, for a ski holiday (because, you know, here in Switzerland we have noooo mountains at all xD). Maybe some of you know or have already been there, but in Bavaria (and also in Austria), they have a tradition of wearing dirndl dresses. In Switzerland, dirndls are often frowned upon, because there are stiff strong traditions of national costumes (so called Trachten).
A pity, if you ask me.
Dirndls are much more modern, prettier and cuter (imho). If they have a decent length and and are not made of cheap fabric, the dresses have nothing to do with the rather slutty oktoberfest image. Instead, there are a lot of multifaceted, beautiful designs, either more rustic or more elegant. Just check the internet, there are many marvellous dirndl brands!
by Lena Hoschek
by Lola Paltinger

So, enough of the lecture, back to the story I was telling originally: While we were in Germany, my mum bought a beautiful, elegant dirndl made of purple brocade. It was on sale and suits her perfectly. There was just the problem that the apron that came with it is really hideous. In the store however, we saw another apron made of black lace.
So I offered her to sew an apron like that:

the new apron with the dirndl
I took the original apron as reference, so it looks quite long... but I like it. There can't be too much black lace in this world, right? Plus, the fabric has a nice, scalloped hem.

So far, so good.
Dirndl blouses are normally short-sleeved. You can purchase a cardigan or a jacket, if you want to wear your dirndl on colder days. But hey, why would you buy something that can also be sewn, right?

So as I went to the fabric store to get the lace fabric, I also found this nice cotton ribbed jersey. The buttons were already in my collection and completed the look fabulousy (*.*).

can also be worn less buttoned up and more casually

I really enjoyed relaxing and sewing something pretty, after an exhausting week.
I wish you a good start into the new one!


  1. I love dirndls- some of the modern ones are really pretty! Your apron and jacket came out beautifully :)