Freitag, 22. März 2013

Found My Heart On A Sugary Carnival

Hello cuties,

First, an important announcement: this is going to be the 100. post with the tag sewing! That's amazing, right? So if you thought I'm not going to make a big fuss about it, you're completely wrong (^.-)
But hey, I have something else to celebrate, which I'd love to share with you! Ready? There we go:

I had several ideas for the title of this post, and I probably chose the most shallow one. Tant pis. Two years, two months and six days ago, I made a post with a similar title, and today it's the second most read post on my blog (wow!). Back then, still in the beginnings of my Lolita journey, I expressed my admiration for my favourite print: 
Sugary Carnival by Angelic Pretty. 
Although my approach and my tastes in Lolita fashion have changed greatly since then, some things remained the same. According to this, I still wholeheartedly subscribe to what I wrote back then:
I enjoy looking at OTT Sweet Lolitas, with their hair piled up and covered in accessoires. Sugary Carnival therefore is - for me - the incarnation of OTT Sweet itself. This is probably the only brand item with Sweet print I'd really like to have (one day, you know...), I think either in lavender or in black.
Who would have thought, that, one day, these reveries would turn into reality? Me certainly not.

But nevertheless, they did, and today I can announce proudly to be the owner of the OP re-release in black, with matching socks and headbow. I'm sooooo happy, you can't imgaine (^.^)
(By the way, my observant readers might have guessed it after reading my next-to-last post, I hinted it a little).

So, altogether oblivious of the fact that I just had spent my whole budget on this dress, I decided that, in order to wear it with dignity, I needed some more accessoires. 
The first that sprang to my mind was the infamous Magical Pony Bag by Angelic Pretty, which is often seen coordinated with the print. I like ponies, and I like the idea of a pony as a handbag, but I really don't like AP's interpretation.

It's creepy, right? It's creepy as fuck, especially with these closed eyes. I mean, come on, AP, you can do that better!
Anyways, I thought I definitively can do that better (she said that so humbly). As I never made a plushy from scratch beore, I decided to buy one and turn it into a bag. When I saw this little fellow, I fell in love immediately:

It's face is sooo cute!
The biggest problem was that it was in a lying position, whereas I wanted it to stand. So I had to take most of its body apart, cut new pieces hoping it would turn out as I imagined and sewing it back together, thereby adding pink and shocking pink fleece fabric, which match the print quite well.
I sewed a lot by hand, and I think it turned out not too bad. Or what do you think?

The head is only supported when there is something in the bag, otherwise it hangs a little sadly. This is not a big problem as I tend to stuff too many thing in my bags anyways.

The reins are made of hear-shaped plastic beads, arranged in a rainbow (*.*)

It's sooo fluffy (^_^).

On the saddle, I used a heart-shaped ornamental stich to add some detail. Yes, my sewing machine provides it, isn't that amazing? I made the saddle towards the end, if I had thought about it earlier, I would have adorned more pieces, like the hoove parts...

I also had fun adding lots of bows everywhere (^.^)

I know, people could say it's a replica (I can already hear them scream). Yes, formally, it's a replica. And yes, I'm against this kind of thievery, because it can really hurt a fashion label. But (yes, there's a but), I'm not going to sell it, I won't make any profit out of it. I just made it for myself. So I hope the Lolita gods and Mana will stretch a point here.

Anyways, after that, I turned towards more crafting activities and made another matching headbow, a necklace and some bracelets:

For the headband, I made double bows with the fleece fabric, added a mini my little pony and glued the whole thing on a headband. First, I wanted to make only hair clips, but then decided that a headband would be more convenient.

Also for the necklase, I used a mini my little pony and the same hear-shaped beads I already took for the bag.

So, that was it with the long post, congratulations if you made it until here!
The question remains, when am I going to wear all this crap? For the nex meet-up, of course! I'm really looking forward to it, as I'll see a lot of dear people again, and coincidentally it coincides with my birthday, too! So this just has to be a great day, right? Let's just hope it won't be raining, because then I'll have a big problem...


  1. Oh my... How can something be so DAMN cute?!
    Ich bin ja sonst nicht eine Verfechterin von Sweet, aber ich liebe Plüschis und My Little Pony finde ich auch knufflig. Die Tasche ist fantastisch geworden! Einfach zu süss um wahr zu sein! Ich finde die Coordination sehr gelungen und freue mich das bald bewundern zu dürfen. :)

    1. Aww danke schön nochmals! Ich freu mich auch schon darauf, sie auszuführen =D

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Traumkleid! :D

    Die tasche ist auch sehr niedlich geworden - aber Danke, das du uns die grausigen Zerlegedetails nicht gezeigt hast. Das tut mir irgendwie immer total Leid bei den Plüschis. ^^°

    1. Danke! <3 ja, es war schon recht gruselig, das arme Tier nur so halb auseinander zu nehmen ^^

  3. that is so cute and cool! i love how you customized the bag, especially the embroidery.