Montag, 18. März 2013

Chocolates & Cupcakes

 Hi my dears,

according to the post title, one could think I've been standing in the kitchen during the weekend. Far wrong - I did some sewing!

There is to need and to need; some of you might know what I'm talking about. For example, the part of my brain which is in charge of my reward centre tells me that I absolutely need the Sugary Carnival Op by Angelic Pretty.
However, every time I pack my bag to visit my mum (which is almost every weekend), the universe tells me that what I actually need is a toilet bag.

So I dug into my fabric pile and found some leftover fabrics that went quite well together.

Those who remember the very beginnings of this blog probably recognise the chocolates fabric. I made a bag out of it back then (I still carry the bag around quite often), and as I was so in love with the print, I kept the rest of the fabric, luckily!

In order to combine it with the checked fabric (can you spot it?), I joined them with white piping. 
And, as for the lining, I still had some mint green cupcakes fabric lying around. Like this, it's also pretty and cute on the inside (^.^)


  1. Oooh, this looks super cute!!! Love the fabrics, they match perfectly ♥(ノ´∀`)

  2. Wow, this is too cute. The fabrics are a perfect match. Did you add some pockets inside?
    I still have a toilet bag in progress, I wasn't able to insert the lining without having to pleat the fabric, so until today it is lying in my ufo-stack. Did you line yours?
    Maybe I should give mine a second chance.

    1. Thank you! No, I didn't add any pockets, I throw everything in it and close the zipper, that's my way to pack ^^ I lined the cupcake fabric, so it's a little more stable, also the pipng and the bias tape on the inside help a little. I hope you can finish yours, I'd love to see it! <3