Samstag, 9. März 2013

Can't Buy Me Love

Hi lovelies,

I had a quite pleasant day today, I met a fellow swiss Lolita and took the occasion to dress up a little. Oh, how I missed wearing a petticoat! I don't wear one during the week when I go to universitiy, because it takes a lot of space and space is very scarce at school (>.<)
I went for a black-white-red colour scheme:

Outfit rundown:
Alice band: Claire's
Wig: GothicLolitaWigs
Blouse: handmade
Cardigan: handmade
Skirt: Dear Celine
Stockings: Leg Avenue
Rocking Horse shoes: Bodyline

I also wore my new RHs for the first time today. Gosh, are they comfortable! I'm never going to wear heels again! (Ok, probably not)

OMG, they can see my petticoat!
I know the skirt is too short, that's why I normally wear it with a longer underskirt. But for this look, the peaking petticoat was intended. I guess I felt rebellious (^.-)

I have to admit, I did a little shopping. But it was for the greater good: to make me prettier!
I bought falsies from Diamond Lash, lashes glue from DUP and two BB creams.
Of course, I tested them today. It was the first time I wore lower lashes, but the glue is really great, they held all day long (and normally, I'm totaly uncapable of applying falsies that stay longer than two hours).
The BB cream I tried on today is called "dream girls" by Skin79. It makes a very pretty teint, is easy to apply and feels quite comfortable on the skin. I took the pictures after I came home (because I was late in the morning), and my skin is neither dry nor irritated, which often happens when I wear foundation.
The other BB cream is the "perfect cover" from Missha, I'm looking forward to test this one too.

Lots of love!