Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Tell Me Your Story

Hi my dears,

sometimes, I like to compare my sewing to songwriting. Mostly, I get inspired by a design, a fabric, or just a detail. I start thinking and turning it over in my head, until the general idea of the garment is clear, and I make/choose the pattern, the fabric and so on, and then I sew the dress and hope it turns out as I expected.

But sometimes, there is a story behind the piece. Let me tell you one of these storys.

Many moons ago, when I had just started making my own clothes, I found an old jeans jacket that no one would wear anymore. I liked it, but thought it was rather boring and it didn't fit me anyway, plus I had no idea how to alter it to my size. So I took it apart, and with two pair of old jeans pants, I tried to build a rather experimental patchwork jacket.

Haha, I had to go really deep into my archive to find these pictures (^.^)

As you can see, it had a hood and the edges were serged with black bias tape. I wore mostly black back then and couldn't imagine putting any other colour than black on it. Looking back, it seems a little misguided in taste (>.<).
Despite I undoubtley gave my best, the pattern was horrible. It fitted like a potato sack, the seams were untidy, the hood was not usable. I still remember wearing it a lot. Until I realised how horrible it looked and shut it away.

Good for me that I kept it. 
I refound it when I cleaned out a box with old stuff of mine and thought, hey, there's some potential! So I opened the main seams (shoulders, sides, sleeves), removed the hood and the bias tape and cut new pieces. Doing that, the jacket was shortened a little, which is not too bad, like this it ends just under my waistline, so perfect to wear with Lolita skirts (and other skirts that are worn on waist height).
I adorned it with three kinds of white cotton lace, lined it and sewed it back together.
Et voilà:

The cut is still not perfect, especially the shoulder parts are a little crumpled, but I did the best I could there. I decided not to mend the patchwork seams that are unclean. I like that evidence of my sewing beginnings (I know it's stupid and sentimental). I'm also fascinated by contrasts, here the contrast between the innocence and cuteness of the lace versus the battered, shabby look of the jeans patchwork.

I left the waist hem just like this, no serging at all, that's why it looks frayed. As if it was cut on waist length.

Of course, the sleeves needed a lace finish (^.^).
I'm very proud to say I didn't break one needle, I used really strong ones and my sewing machine did a really  good job!

I had some leftovers, especially from the hood. Because the back side looked so sad and lonely compared to all the lace on the front, I cut out a heart shape, added more lace and applied it on the back.

 For the lining, I used a flowered cotton fabric. If you go reeeeeally far back oîn my blog, you will find it was a skirt in its former life (another experiment of my early sewing days).

So, that was the story behind this jacket. I hope I didn't bore you!
Like this, spring can come (^.^)


  1. I have no story to tell since I don't sew at all, but I love the story of this jacket, I love how it started being one thing and years later it became another one, I really like the result!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

    1. Aww, that's so cute of you, thank you! And I'm sure you can tell good stories even without sewing ;)

  2. What a great post. I love to hear the stories behind the projects.
    The jacket is really kind of...mh...experimental. But the idea is so great. And that you made such a difficult project that early, wow. Sometimes I am rather glad that I don't have photos of my early sewing projects. I remember the skinny jeans I changed into flares, using a terrible brown fake-fur that was a car-seat-cover of my mum's before, really horrible.
    I like what you did with your old project and that you tried to match it with your style today. I like the result and I can well imagine it worn in Lolita style.

    1. Thank you so much! I know, it's unusual, but my stile to dress is special anyways ^^ I'm actually surprised myself how good the jacket turned out back then considering I didn't use a pattern, but don't worry, most of my early sewing projects are waaay too horrible to be shown in public xD